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Children are taught from birth that sleeping is a crime, and anyone who attempts it is labelled a danger to society. Find out what happens to Akemi Suimin, a nine-year-old girl, as she follows a strange man’s advice to get some shut eye.

SHUTeye is a fantasy role-playing game with a semi-linear interactive world. The player is intended to interact with their environment to learn more about lore and find helpful items to advance the storyline.


This game contains sensitive content (including the demo) such as alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mild gore, drug abuse, and mentions of suicide. Player discretion is advised. 

Any and all feedback is appreciated and wanted! If something feels weird or doesn't seem right, let me know! I can fix it if it was a mistake or change it to make it better. Game illustrations are purposely messy; they are placeholders until I find the time to make the actual illustrations. These final illustrations will be replaced in-game as I make them. Default NPC sprites and faces are used as placeholders until I make actual sprites for them. 


Videos are allowed to be monetized, live streams are allowed. Basically, everything is allowed to be monetized but you ARE NOT ALLOWED to use any of my game sprites, illustrations, tilesets, soundtrack, or scripts commercially or non-commercially. 

SHUTeye is a free horror adventure game by Keo Productions made in the program RPG Maker VX Ace.


Install instructions

Make sure you extract the file, open the folder and try clicking the dragon icon FIRST before coming to me and complaining it doesn't work please.


SHUTeye Demo 4.3.exe 355 MB

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I found your secret water chamber, yeah?

Love the game

Aw, thanks! ,//u//, I'll be sure to fulfill my end of the promise then! I hope you enjoy the final product even more!


Hi. I played the demo, it seems really promising so far! I like games that reward exploration, and the little nods to other RPG maker games and other media. Also poor Akemi, she’s such a sweetheart, the house section was very dark. I like the custom sprites and the Tattooed Man’s design. I have also followed your tumblr, look forward to seeing the full game. ^_^

Wow thank you so much for playing! :'D I'm happy that someone was curious enough to explore and find little details like that. I'm hoping to finish the sprites in the last update for the demo, but I keep adding more content before I get there. xD Aaaah I'm really touched, thank you again!


I really like this game so far


Thank you so much! ^U^ That really means a lot to me, considering it's just scraps and bits right now eheh.


I found you secret water chamber

no u

Oh? Congrats haha


I found your secret water chamber.